Since the very beginning of our business activity we are creating our own brands of products. Years of experience help us identify the needs and expectations of our Customers. Thanks to highly effective cooperation with different manufacturers worldwide we can make our ideas come to life.

GFC Guns

GFC Guns is a series of uncompromising replicas, created to endure even the most powerful upgrades. High quality external details, full metal receivers and improved internal parts, ready for the most demending tuning.

GFC Tactical

Tactical gear by GFC Tactical is a value for money. Quality is constantly improving, but the prices remain attractive. In the wide offer of GFC Tactical tou will find vests, pouches, backpacks, helmets and much more.

GFC Energy

Even the best AEG is useless without a proper battery pack. GFC Energy catalogue contains various LiPo and NiMH batteries of deifferent sizes and capacities, designed for different kinds of replicas. Full line of products contains also microprocessor chargers and accessories.

Rockets Platinum

Rockets Platinum offer the highest quality among airsoft BBs. Manufactured on Taiwan during a highly advanced technological process which guarantees perfect roundness and precision.

Rockets Professional

Rockets Professional is a line of polished BB covered with special layer that reduces the friscion. They are perfect choice both for precision and regular barrels.


The Tornado products are the result of combining experience and technology with an affordable price. Meant to make a replica even more effective on the battlefield, designed and thoroughly tested for even the most extreme upgrades.


G-Light brand introduces a series of flashlights which are a perfect compromise between price and power. Encased within a solid aluminum housing, equipped with powerful CREE leds and sporting an IP66 enviromental durability class, the G-Light flashlights will allow to light up even the greatest darkness - both in military, as well as everyday use.

Smart Gas

Smart Gas is an innovative product that stands out against the competition. Its composition and high pressure provides up to 20% more power. The innovative formula of the Smart Gas with an increased amount of silicone oil allows the use of gas even at low temperatures. Smart Gas is designed for the most demanding players and AIPSC competitors.

Armored Claw

Armored Claw is designed for the most demanding users, both civilian and military or law enforcement. According th the needs and task, you can find there fire-resistant, cut-resistant protective gloves made of proven fabrics like Kevlar®, Nomex® or Shoeller Keprotec®.

Theta Optics

The aim of Theta Optics is not only to provide custo0mers with the high quality optical devices, but also to continuously enrich the offer with innovative solutions which are applied mainly in much more expensive products. Theta Optics is a great choice for people looking for a good quality at a reasonable price.

Airsoft Engineering

Airsoft Engineering offers carefully made, functional silencers for airsoft replicas. They assure high damping effectiveness, as well as parts for gearbox and nozzles. Everything at really attractive price. All products of Airsoft Engineering are made in the EU.

GF Custom Division

GF Custom Division is an idea born in the minds of Gunfire airsoft team. Those are highest quality replicas, heavilt modified and configured. We use years of airsoft experience to create our replicas so we can easily say that GF Custom Division is a project made 100% by players for players.