brand has been present on the market for many years offering different optical devices - starting from the most basic ones, through hobby equipment and accessories up to high qualiity, specialistic products for schools, laboratories and the most demanding hotheads.

Official partnership

We are an official importer and partner of OPTICON brand in Poland. OPTICON products are high quality equipment created by specialists with thousands hours of astronomical, biological and scientific observation. Durable, practical and easy to use for evey fan of astronomy, biology or nature.

Education support

During more than a decade on the market we've gained a lot of customers: primary schools, secondary schools and universities. Our products are now in hands of thousands of pupils and students who use them to watch the craters on the Moon or discover the physiology of bugs - live, not from the books.

Passion from the youngest age

Products offered by help develop hobbies from the youngest age. Along with scientific materials prepared by our staff, our telescopes are used by amateur astronomists to watch the stars and planets on the night sky, while our microscopes help examine the garden plants. Fusion of experience and thorough knowledge helps not only develop already existing interests, but create them from the young age.

We are professionals

Experience - this is our strongest quality. It guarantees deep and broad knowledge about our products. When we add high standards of Customer service, dependable consulting and undeniable professionalism of our employees we receive 100% warranty of satisfaction - not only with purchased goods, but overall service as well.