More than a decade of our existence is a time of constant development, looking for new markets and new possibilites. It is a time of hard work and persistence, time of success and achievments.

  • 2016 Gunfire.nl retail store

    Following the policy of creating local e-shops, we've decided to establish Gunfire.nl - shop for Dutch and Belgian Customers. Both Netherlands and Belgium are rapidly growing airsoft markets, and dedicated shop allows us to better answer the specific needs of our Customers.
  • 2016 Gun-fire.co.uk retail store

    Next stage of entering the local markets was dedicated e-shop for Great Britain. UK is one of the biggest and most important airsoft markets in EU and British customer is accustomed to the highest quality of service. Gun-fire.co.uk allowed us to better adjust our offer and service to specific market and at the same time confirmed the direction of our development.
  • 2016 IWA booth over 80 square meters

    Every year we try to add some new quality to our presence at IWA. 2016 was the first year when we’ve decided to have a separate “island-type” booth. The size was two times bigger than the previous year. Spectacular booth allowed us to enter the top of our industry.
  • 2016 Over 100 employees

    Employees are the key asset of our company. One of the most important indicators of our rapid growth is the number of people – we’ve managed to double the employment rate in four years.
  • 2015 Modernization of Technical Department

    Our brand is very specific. One of its key features is requirement of well-equipped technical department. It allows us to broaden our offer of technical services and resolve all warranty claims in quick and professional manner. It is worth stressing our that finding experienced professionals for the tech department is always a challenge in the airsoft business.
  • 2015 New stationary store

    New headquarters allowed us to consolidate our business in one place. New, modern shop located in our office complex is now an important centre of local airsoft community.
  • 2015 Gunfire.fr retail store

    Gunfire.pl is our most important shop. In 2015 we’ve decided to answer the needs of our customers and open the first local e-shop. Gunfire.fr has set the new course for our business activity – opening of additional local shops helps us improve the customer service.
  • 2015 Armored Claw brand present at MSPO in Kielce, Poland

    We are connected with Armored Claw brand for a few years. In 2015 we’ve presented it at MSPO (International Defence Industry Exhibition). It’s been a very important moment in the history of our company for one simple reason: we’ve entered the market of uniformed services and paramilitary organizations. Exhibition served as a great opportunity for establishing news business relations and gaining much needed experience.
  • 2015 Popular Airsoft Hall of Fame award

    Winning the Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe award is a great deal. It proves the highest quality of our service and popularity among airsoft players in Europe. In 2015 we’ve moved to the next level – by winning the title 5 times in a row we became a part of Hall of Fame.
  • 2014 We are the exclusive distributor of E&L in Central-Eastern Europe

    At IWA show 2014 we were granted the exclusive distributorship of E&L Airsoft brand for Central and Eastern Europe. Agents of this renowned brands were exhibiting their products in our booth which has lead to closer cooperation between our companies. Ever-growing portfolio of brands in a key part of our business strategy.
  • 2014 Opineo award

    Opineo is a web portal that gathers opinions and rates of internet shops. Once a year it presents awards to the best rated webshops in different categories. Our award in “Military and Survival” category proves that our constant strive to provide our customers with high level of service bears fruits.
  • 2014 New office & warehouse complex in Wroclaw, Poland

    Dynamic growth has lead us to situation where we had to start looking for a new location. Moving to a new complex located in the centre of our city was a big challenge, but it allowed us to overcome barriers to further growth.
  • 2013 Shooting & Games Show trade exhibition in Paris

    Trade fairs are a very important chance to promote our company. It is worth stressing out that besides huge fairs like IWA or Photokina we often participate in more local events. They help us improve our business and personal relations with local partners, which are one of the main pillars of our business activity. Shooting & Games Show in Paris are one of the most important ones, as they always attract a lot of airsoft players and resellers from French airsoft market.
  • 2013 We are the exclusive distributor of G&G

    Another renowned airsoft manufacturer has decided to grant us the exclusive distribution in Poland. This kind of trade agreements are always very important for our company. They are a form of ennoblement and at the same time they help us expand our offer.
  • 2013 R&D Department

    Constantly growing portfolio of our brands required a new approach. That is why in 2013 we’ve decided to create Research & Development department.
  • 2012 We are the official distributor of Umarex

    Umarex is one the most important companies in shooting & outdoor business. In 2012 they decided to make Gunfire their official distributor for Poland.
  • 2012 Photokina fair – premiere of the new Opticon line

    Our company develops numerous new products for different audiences. The best example – Opticon brand that made debut in 2012 at Photokina fair in Koln, Germany. It helped us enter the market of optical devices and accessories – mainly telescopes and microscopes for amateurs.
  • 2012 First GFPOINT located in the mountains

    Since the very beginning GFPOINT has been quite unique event. In 2012 we’ve decided for an important change to the formula and moved the run to the mountains. At the same time GFPOINT has tripled the number of participants and reached 115 people.
  • 2012 Over 50 employees

    One of the most important criteria of company’s development is the number of employees. Exceeding 50 employees marks a very important stage. It is worth stressing out, that specific conditions of our business make it quite hard to recruit new people.
  • 2010 Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe

    Popular Airsoft portal in on of the most important in airsoft world. Every year it conducts Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards contest. This prestigious award is a result of voting conducted among airsoft players all around the world. Since the very first year of the contest Gunfire is elected as the Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe.
  • 2009 New stationary store in Kryniczno

    Expansion of our network – new store located in the company’s headquarters in Kryniczno.
  • 2009 First edition of GFPOINT

    Year 2009 brought us a new location on the map of airsoft events in Poland. It was the first time we’ve decided to organize GFPOINT – airsoft orienteering run. Since that date, every January airsoft players from Poland participate in this unique run, where they have to prove their skills in orienteering and airsoft, as well as general military knowledge, strength and endurance. Their task is to complete a series of control points and numerous tasks.
  • 2009 First booth at IWA exhibition

    IWA Outdoor & Classic are the biggest exhibition in our business. 2009 was the first year we’ve been there as one of the exhibitors and every next year our booth gets bigger and better. The exhibition is a very important event for our company, it allows us to meet not only our suppliers, but the bigger customers as well.
  • 2009 New location in Kryniczno, Poland

    Constant development of company eventually made it too big for the primary location. Our new location offered us much more warehouse space, better equipped offices and direct link to communication network – local airport and highways.
  • 2009 First business office in PRC

    Our second office in Asia was located in continental China. It allowed us to expand our network of suppliers with the biggest ones on the market. From that moment we are constantly increasing the level of import.
  • 2008 Opening of two stationary stores

    In order to provide our retail customers with the best standards and offer we’ve decided to open two stationary stores – Militaria24 in Wroclaw, Poland.
  • 2008 First business office in Hong Kong

    The further development of our company made it clear, that we need a permanent representation in Hong Kong. Our own employees there allowed us to improve our business contacts and move our cooperation with our suppliers to the next level.
  • 2006 Gunfire.pl

    The most recognizable brand representing our company. While it is just one shop among many that we own, it is the biggest and most important one
  • 2005 First trade contacts in China

    Soon it became quite obvious that the key to success lies in wide international business contacts. Within a year we’ve established first trade contacts in China to better supply our customers with various products.
  • 2004 Creation of the first company

    The history of our company starts In 2004. Opening of AirSofGuns.pl was the beginning of our trade activity and it defined the direction of our future progress. At the same time it was the first contact with our main activity – air soft, outdoor and hobby.